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Physiotherapy for horses is as important for the equine athlete as it is for the human athlete.
All horses from our top competitive equine athletes, to the much loved family riding horse and pony, can benefit from physiotherapy to help keep them active and comfortable. The treatments used for drug-free rehabilitation include ice, heat, exercise, massage, lasers, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and magnetic fields.

The human sports medicine specialist works by referral from a physician. Similarly the equine sport therapist must work in close co-operation with the veterinarian. A thorough veterinary evaluation should precede the use of any therapeutic machine or procedure. The successful outcome of physical therapy is dependent on the accuracy of the diagnosis. Input from the rider and trainer is also of great value.

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Pain Reduction

This can mean a reduction in the amount of medication necessary for pain relief or it can mean pain control solely through the use of the therapeutic modality. We need to be able to select the most appropriate technique and modality for the situation.

Restore Range of Motion

Restoration of complete range of movement of a joint. The pain of injury or surgery often leaves a joint immobile. Over a period of time this immobility results in contractions in the soft tissue around the joint.

Restore Strength

After injury a body part will require some rest in order to repair itself. Unfortunately this rest leads to disuse atrophy in the surrounding musculature. Weakened muscles are vulnerable to injury themselves and they set the stage for re-injury when there is a return to activity.